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We deliver food for Christmas Eve dinner.

Christmas Eve dinner is an important family celebration that takes place the night before Christmas. In the beautiful Dominican Republic, families honor this tradition with a delicious dinner that includes a tasty baked chicken, sweet bread, typical desserts of the Christmas season, "Moro de guandul" rice with pigeon peas, salads and pasta.

It is unfortunate to know that many families lack the necessary resources to hold this dinner due to high prices and financial restrictions. That's why the JB Foundation has launched the "A Dinner for Christmas" program since 2019, with the purpose of providing support to low-income families that do not receive government assistance.

Currently, we have managed to distribute 12 food boxes that contain everything necessary to prepare a complete Christmas Eve dinner. As a result, we have benefited 60 people and we are immensely proud to continue with this noble work.

To ensure that resources reach those who need them the most, the JB Foundation carries out a previous visit to each selected home and conducts thorough research to determine if the family receives any form of government support. Once these steps are completed, we proceed to deliver the food primarily to those families in the most vulnerable situations.

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