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Our programs

JB Foundation is a non-profit organization that has more than 6 programs in the Dominican Republic and Ephrata in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States. Each program is held annually. We focus on providing programs for all ages regardless of religious beliefs, color, race or sexual orientation. 

Our goal is to provide support to all people living in the most neglected areas of the Dominican Republic. 

For our mission in Ephrata USA, we focus on supporting local food banks and working for less hunger. 

Family assistance program.

Through our family assistance programs, we face the crises that each family lives, helping them to face the situations and precariousness that they may be living. Our goal is to be able to support them in education, health and food. 

Support for education 

Education is one of our main objectives and that is why we give priority to children and youth education. We are allied with schools and other organizations that give us educational support in order to provide access to education to the underprivileged.

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Jb Foundation works to alleviate hunger in the communities we serve. Providing food daily to the most disadvantaged families in the community of Villa Agro in Bayaguana through two of our healthy eating and nutrition programs. 

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Disaster assistance

In the event of a disaster, our entire team will be on call to assist and help the affected communities in the best possible way. Our main objective is to be able to offer a helping hand with whatever is needed. Providing food, water and tools. 

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Health support

We have health programs dedicated to the oral care of children as well as providing medication and supplements for seniors who require special medication. 

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We work on the transformation and access to decent housing where families can live in peace. Roofs of Dignity is our sustainable program of access to safe housing. 

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