Choose a cause you want to help during the year 2020


A toy for me

To celebrate Christmas, JB Foundation annually delivers Christmas gifts to the children of the Dominican Republic. During an event of the celebration of the Holy Kings the children enjoy a show and receive their Christmas gifts.


pencil and paper

At JB Foundation we support education, every year we help children to have a return to class with all their materials, this program is possible thanks to the friends who donate for school supplies.


Water for my community

Transformation is a fundamental part of our foundation. In JB Foundation we wanted to be part of the community transfromation, which is why we have created the Water for my community program, where our main objective is to create a well of drinking water and thus be able to benefit communities that do not have water.


Eternal grandparents

Every year we visit different nursing homes, trying to bring love, smile and hope. Our volunteers are responsible for making grandparents have a different day, in addition to delivering home supplies.

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