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Easter Camp & Egg Hunt 2024

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - Fun and learning at the Easter Camp and Egg Hunt 2024!

A morning full of laughter and joy was experienced in the Assembly Hall of the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel, where boys and girls of the Catholic Missionary Center of the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters gathered to enjoy the traditional Easter camp and egg hunt organized by the JB Foundation.

Despite the rain, which did not stop the enthusiasm of the children, at least 17 children joined this exciting activity, out of a total of 30. The children were welcomed with open arms and a full agenda of activities prepared by the dedicated team of volunteers of the JB Foundation.

During the day, the children were delighted with dynamics, reflections, crafts and various recreational activities, all designed to promote their integral development and strengthen their social skills. For many of them, this experience was totally new and different, as this type of event is not common in Dominican culture. However, little by little, thanks to the efforts of initiatives such as the JB Foundation, these activities are gaining ground in middle-class communities, both in homes and in schools.

Egal De Los Santos, coordinator of the program, expressed his great satisfaction at the addition of recreational and reflection programs to the JB Foundation's agenda. He emphasized that participation in these types of activities gives children the invaluable opportunity to interact with their peers, learn to work as a team, share and respect the rules of the game, essential skills for their emotional development and their ability to relate to others.

In addition, De Los Santos expressed her deep gratitude to the donors who year after year join this noble cause, contributing with their generosity to make unforgettable moments possible for these children.

Thank you to everyone who made this beautiful day possible!

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