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Dominican Success at the World Social Work Meeting

Panama City - April 2024

Egal De Los Santos, Executive Director of JB Foundation in the Dominican Republic and a prominent member of our board of directors, was a participant in the World Meeting of Social Work Students and Professionals 2024 “SWSD”, held in the vibrant city of Panama from April 4-7, 2024.

Egal, a dedicated young man with a passion for social work, is currently in the final phase of his degree at the prestigious Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo. In our organization, where he plays a key role as Treasurer and Director, we are deeply proud of his achievements in both his personal development and his outstanding contribution to our work in the community.

Social work is a vitally important discipline, and we recognize the growing need for trained professionals in the Dominican Republic. To Egal, we wish her a successful and fulfilling future as she continues her valuable work in the field of social work, serving those most in need in our society.

Congratulations to Egal and all professionals committed to positive change in our community!

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