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Pencil and paper

El Bonito Santo Domingo East RD. With the participation of 60 children, the JB Foundation began the return to school 2018 where the boys and girls of the El Bonito sector in San Isidro received their school supplies. Through a fundraiser, the JB Foundation was able to carry out its pencil and paper program, which seeks to motivate others to join and donate at least one pencil.

During the program the children were able to enjoy dynamics, face painting, sweets and a small toast. The welcome speech was given by Eridania Diaz, Logistics Manager, who expressed that she felt very happy and motivated in the service.

This is the 6th program carried out by the foundation and one of the most important. Egal De Los Santo, in charge of social service and volunteering. He expressed that there are still more programs to be carried out and that in the next few days the ¨Sonrisa brillantes¨ program will be carried out

For us it is a commitment to continue helping the most vulnerable communities in the Dominican Republic. Our logistics team will always be there to locate those communities that need it the most.

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