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New food and nutrition program.

Bayaguana, Dominican Republic. On September 22, 2021, the JB Foundation opened the new Food and Nutrition community project, a program that seeks to support the most disadvantaged families in the Villa Agro community in the municipality of Bayaguana.

Villa Agro is a community populated by Dominicans and refugees from Haiti who have lived in the community for many years, currently the program is serving 75 people daily who pick up their plates of food in what will soon be our Community Center for attendance. The food that we are serving is quality food that is donated daily by the economic kitchens of the Dominican state, which, through a request, we are assigned to deliver 75 plates of food daily so that we can deliver to the most disadvantaged families in the community. .

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been serving different families through our food and nutrition program.

Our most recent project is the daily feeding program, which we have already reached a total of 900 plates of food delivered to date.

JB Foundation is committed to serving the most disadvantaged communities in the Dominican Republic, through each of the programs we carry out each year.

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