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mothers forever

Santo Domingo Este, DR. JB Foundation celebrated Mother's Day with 35 outstanding mothers from the Santo Tomas De Aquino community in Los Tres Brazos where they were able to enjoy songs, poetry and stories.

The event began at 11:00 am where the 35 mothers were able to enjoy a delicious lunch, all the mothers felt very grateful for having taken them into account in this month of mothers. During the activity, Sister Veraci Crispa was recognized, who is the leader of this group of women who share different experiences day after day. Sister Veraci, who has been working in the community for 20 years, always fighting like a mother for the good and development of the community. Veraci works for the Franciscan Bernandinas Sisters, showing her gratitude. Sister Veraci felt very grateful for this recognition.

With this activity, the JB Foundation closes its first programs who, from January to May, have been working on different community projects. Judith Bohler says she is very satisfied with the work done during the first 6 months.

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