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JB Foundation launches breast cancer awareness campaign

During the month of October, in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, the JB Foundation is carrying out an awareness campaign about breast cancer. The goal of this campaign is to promote self-examinations among women as a way of prevention. Under the name "Touch of Life", this campaign will be spread through various online platforms.

It is a privilege for us to launch this campaign, which has been carefully planned and designed to make a significant impact. The JB Foundation has two living testimonies that will bring life to this initiative: our President, Mrs. Judith Bohler, and our Logistics Director, Mrs. Eridania Díaz. Both are cancer survivors, and therefore, no one better than them to share their experiences. Mr. Egal De Los Santos, Program Director, gave some words about this campaign.

With the purpose of raising awareness among Dominican women about the importance of self-examinations for early detection of breast cancer and attending regular medical check-ups, our Program Director has launched this campaign through various online platforms as a pilot test. In addition, there will be future face-to-face meetings with women and professionals specialized in Oncology and Social Work. These meetings aim to provide guidance to women and provide them with information on how to access corresponding state services.

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