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Eternal grandparents

Santo Domingo east Dominican Republic. With the participation of 33 grandmothers, Jb Foundation celebrated its Eternal Grandparents 2018 program for the first time, a program that seeks to support seniors who are in asylum. On this occasion we visited Residencia Bethania, a nursing home that houses 33 adorable grannies.

Bethania Residence Grandmothers

With songs, smiles and history, the volunteers from the JB Foundation were received where they helped with some household items such as some medicines, kitchen utensils and personal hygiene products. During the visit, the volunteers were performing facials and chatting with the grandmothers. For Judith Bohler, General Director of the JB Foundation, it is a great joy to be able to experience and be closer to other people who touch her heart every day.

JB Foundation continues to develop each of its programs as planned from the first day of its launch. For the operational team it is extremely important to be able to reach each of the most needy places, #Serheroes and #estarrmascerca are some phrases used by JB volunteers.

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