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Christmas route 2021

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. After such a difficult year in which the COVID-19 situation affected each of our programs, the JB Foundation began its 2021 Christmas Route. A program that consists of celebrating Christmas in each of the communities we serve.

This year our Christmas route began on December 16 in the community of Villa Agro, Bayaguana where we served 90 traditional Christmas dinner dishes.

Our Christmas route continued on Saturday, December 18, where we moved to the Santo Tomas De Aquino community in the Los Tres Brazos Sector. During the event our volunteers were able to share with the boys and girls who participate in the Catechesis and the ladies of the group of the 3rd age.

On this occasion we held a Christmas afternoon where the children received toys and a traditional Christmas dinner. For this occasion we distributed 70 dinner plates, thus adding a total of 160 plates delivered during our Christmas route.

Our organization thanks the Director of the economic kitchens of the Dominican state Mr.: Edgar Augusto, for supporting our organization during our 2021 Christmas route.

It should be noted that our Christmas route will culminate on Wednesday, December 22 with the delivery of the Christmas basket and delivery of clothes for the 2021 Christmas festivities.

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