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A toy for me with the three wise men.

Bayaguana, Dominican Republic, On January 7th, the JB Foundation held its annual event "A Toy For Me" or "A Toy for Me with the Three Wise Men". This event brought joy to hundreds of underprivileged children from the Villa Agro community in Bayaguana, who were treated to an afternoon of entertainment with clowns, sweets, popcorn, and refreshments.

Since 2018, we have provided educational toys, specifically "STEAM Toys", to all children in our programs in the Villa Agro community in Bayaguana. We understand the importance of providing toys that aid in the development of children's knowledge in today's society.

We are immensely grateful to the organization Toy for tot Lancaster, which supports us every year with these toys that are then sent to the Dominican Republic through the help of the shipping company DHL.

"A Toy For Me" has become a highly anticipated recreational activity for our children. Through this event, we kick off the foundation's programs and projects for the year 2024.

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