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JB Foundation receives donation of milk for assets 20-30

SANTO DOMINGO- DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. March. – JB Foundation receives a donation of milk from the Activo 20-30 Foundation and its Lecheton program. The donation will go to the Jb Foundation food and nutrition program, during the donation reception Jb foundation received 84 liters of milk which will be delivered with other food at the end of March 2022.

About La Lecheton Activo 20-30 is a milk drive that aims to contribute to improving the nutrition of thousands of needy children, with the nutrients from milk, through the contribution of a glass of milk daily, for at least three months of the year. This Activo 20-30 project began in 1978 in Panama City, with the support of Tetra Pak and arrived in the Dominican Republic in 2011, since then becoming a tradition of helping children's shelters in our country.

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