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JB Foundation concludes the pink month with a prevention talk.


JB Foundation has successfully concluded the Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a talk dedicated to raising awareness and preventing this disease. This month, known as "Pink Month", has focused on educating the population about the prevention and early diagnosis of possible cases of breast cancer. Through an online campaign that reached over 2000 people on social media, the JB Foundation has effectively reached the community.

The main event of the Awareness Month was the "Touch of Life" program, designed to inform and raise awareness among women about the importance of detecting possible cases of breast cancer on time. Dr. Glenys Bautista Jerez led the talk, which took place in the Assembly Hall of the Santa Luisa De Marillac Parish in the Los Tres Brazos sector.

The team in charge of the Awareness Month feels very grateful and proud to be able to carry out this important program that has been planned for over a year. In particular, we would like to thank the WaWa Foundation for their unconditional support in recognizing and rewarding non-profit projects related to breast cancer. In 2022, the JB Foundation submitted a proposal and received a grant of $500.00 that will contribute to prevention and health promotion efforts related to breast cancer.

We are committed to continue sharing valuable information with the community as a whole, and we are in the process of collecting data that will allow us to expand our reach and provide knowledge about breast cancer. We are also working on creating a directory of doctors and hospitals specialized in this disease that can provide assistance to patients in case of need. In addition, we have two members of the JB Foundation who are breast cancer survivors and we value the opportunity to share their experience and guide those affected in making appropriate decisions if they face this disease.

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