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Backpack delivery 2023

VILLA AGRO- BAYAGUANA,DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. AUGUST. In order for children and adolescents in some Dominican communities to have a safe return to school, the JB Foundation made its 6th delivery of school supplies. With the slogan "Help me write my dreams" and the pencil and paper campaign, the foundation delivered more than 50 school kits, which were donated by the company IMAR BUSINESS GROUP and its CEO Marcus Boereau.

This year the foundation will be donating 100 school kits thanks to its annual online donation campaign.

This year 2023 the communities benefiting from the program will be Villa Agros in the municipality of Bayaguana and Los Tres Brazos in the municipality of Santo Domingo Este.

About the program

Every year, the JB Foundation carries out its Pencil and Paper campaign, which aims to bring school supplies to children and adolescents in the most disadvantaged communities in order to ensure that children and adolescents have a safe return to school.

Each child and adolescent receives 1 backpack, 4 notebooks, pencils, pencils, rulers, erasers, pencil sharpeners, ega, colored pencils, among other things.

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