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A Toy for me 2019

Santo Domingo Este, DR. With the participation of 41 children and 19 volunteers, the JB Foundation began the 2019 programs with the first activity "A Toy for me 2019". In its second year, the activity took place in the Bonito San Isidro sector where we were able to bring gifts to the boys and girls from Redes Infantiles of the Nuestra Señora De Fátima parish.

On this occasion, the foundation received the support of a group of OT students from the University of Alvernia in reading, Pennsylvania, who had the opportunity to experience the services provided by the f< /em>foundation. During the activity the children were able to enjoy entertainment, sweets, popcorn and other gifts prepared by the foundationin addition to the toys they received.

Judith Bohler, President of the JB Foundation is very happy to be able to continue this beautiful work that she and a team have been working on for 12 months. The JB foundation is reaching its first anniversary and already feels committed to the Dominican Republic. For the year 2019 the foundation has included 2 new programs which will benefit more Dominican families.

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