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First school route 2021 Pencil and paper

Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.

JB Foundation makes its first delivery of school supplies to boys and girls from the Santo Tomas De Aquino community in the Los Tres Brazos sector, Santo Domingo Este. At the beginning of July, the foundation began its 2021 pencil and paper school campaign, which consisted of collecting supplies and funds for the acquisition of school materials.

This year the foundation aims to deliver 200 school backpacks with all the necessary materials for the return to school in 2021. For this first delivery, the foundation has delivered 86 backpacks that contain everything necessary.

In this first installment, the foundation received the support of the Cajitas de amor foundation, which made a donation of 85 boxes full of materials which included colored pencils, pencils, notebooks, among other materials.

The delivery was made in the middle of an emotional ceremony in the courtyard of the Santo Tomas De Aquino chapel, where the children were able to enjoy dynamics and snacks.

Pencil and paper, is an annual program that is carried out before the return to school in the Dominican Republic in order to provide the necessary materials for the return to school.

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