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JB Foundation is starting its sponsorship program for the boys and girls of the Villa Agro community in the City of Bayaguana, Dominican Republic.

Bayaguana is a municipality in the Dominican Republic, which is located in the province of Monte Plata. Bayaguana has a population of 33,122 inhabitants, most of which are refugees from Haiti.

JB Foundation is opening its community center to work educational programs with the boys and girls of the community, in addition to a small community soup kitchen for the families of the community. With this project we seek to support the most disadvantaged families in the community, providing the necessary tools so that children can have a quality education.

The godfathers and godmothers are, then, those people who want to collaborate and make a monthly financial contribution which will be used for the program and the training of the selected child.

Sponsored children will receive the following benefits.

-Food assistance
-School supplies
-Christmas gift
-Educational and personal accompaniment
-Internet service for your online classes

What do our godparents receive?

All JB Foundation programs depend on donations from friends and people close to our foundation. This will not be the exception, this time all our sponsors will receive the following benefits.

-Letter from the boy or girl
-Welcome gift (T-shirt, Mug, Pen, Agenda)
-Quarterly digital information of our program
-Annual Report of our foundation
-Participation in our programs
-All our sponsors will receive a discount on hotel reservations worldwide (The Godfather must contact to obtain a user with a discount on hotel reservations)

How much is the fee that the sponsor must donate?

The sponsorship fee is $ 20 Dollars or $ 25 Dollars per month which will be debited monthly from the card registered by the sponsor.

All godparents must make a recurring payment, it is secure payment through PayPal and Stripe.

It is time to change the life of a child.